The Chinese threat to India's cybersecurity

Why India needs a comprehensive & concrete action plan for national security and economic healthOctober 27, 2018, Financial Express; Smita Purushottam


     India’s first priority must be to promote domestic companies and this must be internalised by every government department and official. The national interest and the future of a billion-plus Indians cannot be sacrificed to petty departmental considerations.



SITARA has presented options to the authorities on how to make India a cyber-secure, advanced country by building an indigenous, futuristic Information cum Telecommunications (ICT) infrastructure generating thousands of high-tech jobs.


From Left to Right clockwise: Students at ILFS Vocational Training Centre; Prof. Kamakoti & his IIT (M) team with the Made by India Shakti Microprocessor; Visit to world-class Tejas Networks, Bangalore; Saankhya Labs Launches indigenous Multi-Standard Pruthvi-3 Chipsets in India:


        ICT and electronics are vital eco-security horizontals underpinning the high-tech, 21st century economy.  The entire sector is highly vulnerable, but is also replete with exciting opportunities for domestic development and job creation. India’s National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) recognises telecommunications, which is included in the Union List, empowering the Central Government to guide its development and enforce national security provisions, as a critical sector which is integral to national security, economic stability and public safety.

        Thanks to Digital India, which has been launched with the Government’s encouragement, and which has democratised financial and citizens’ services, India will soon become the world’s biggest open digital economy.  But India has already suffered repeated cyber-attacks, 35% of which reportedly originate in China, with the rest coming from other countries. The necessity therefore of ensuring that our telecom networks and IT infrastructure are protected from cyber-attacks, has never been more compelling.

       The Chinese threat.....


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