We are running with a goal to create clusters of dedicated labs across academic institutes in the country focused on Defense R&D in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, to create high-impact technology ventures in India!  

SITARA & FT42@Campus is creating a vibrant business and technology innovation ecosystem within universities and colleges campuses which enables researchers, innovators and inventors to generate sustainable startups with innovative technologies and/ or business models .


Operating since 1-Jan-2017
Number Labs : 03
Number Research Associates : 52


Number of projects being executed: 18
Start-up potential: 4
Co-innovation Partners : 8


  • Cyber Security

  • IoT

  • Distributed Computing

  • AI and Data Science

Industry Verticals

  • Defense

  • Government

  • BFSI

  • Consumer


  1. Create clusters of 50 labs by end 2019.

  2. Increase number of co-innovation partnerships with Government, industry and defence & work on the problems faced by them.

  3. Increase commercialisation of research products.

  4. Increase number of potential startups to 20 by end of 2018.


A true peer to peer messaging app

Apart from lot of security applications for the app where sender and received want to communicate securely without an intermediate routing mechanism, the library build here-in can be used for high security app2app communication with right security overlay.

Design and development of custom mobile OS

There is phenomenal growth in cyber threats on mobile platform. With mobile becoming part of everybody's life it is imperative to look at possibility of developing a custom operating system which is secure and can be used by both civilian and defense personnel with equal ease. The project aims at building a custom ROM of android which can be burned on common off the shelf phones.

Low cost bionic drones

With the advent of drone technologies it has become possible to design and develop drones for various civilian and defense application. The project aims at building a low cost bionic drone capable of carrying small payload.

Build a RTOS (Linux) Computer that is hardened and which runs only the browser

With the advent of IoT devices there is growing need of special purpose machines in defense and industry. The need is to create machines with minimal hardware so that the attack surface of such machines is limited hindering ability of attackers

Using Raspberry PI IOT device build a video surveillance application

There is growing need for small video surveillance devices. Although such devices do exist in the market due to the large scale applications in government and defense, the cost needs to be driven down and capability needs to be upgraded with future possibility of embedding image recognition etc.

Design and implement a new communication protocol

Most of the advanced defenses in the world are progressing rapidly in this direction. Apart from achieving security through obscurity the new indigenous communication protocol  can be designed to be super secure and which can potentially be understood by the indigenous applications.

Delhi, India