Somshubhro Pal Choudhury

Somshubhro (Som) Pal Choudhury Somshubhro (Som) Pal Choudhury is currently a Partner at Bharat Innovation Fund, a new $100M+ fund focused on creating innovation and IP driven start-ups out of India. He is an advisor to several start-ups and deeply involved with IoT Forum to help grow the IoT ecosystem in India and is a regular speaker and thought leader on IoT. He is also an investor and director at a Bioinformatics start-up developing Insilico tools for drug design using deep learning methods. Som is an Executive Council and Board Member of Indian Electronic Semiconductor Association (IESA), Charter Member of Technology Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and co-founder and cochair of India's premium IoT conference (IoTNext). Som was previously the Managing Director of Analog Devices India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a $5B+ global semiconductor company headquartered in Boston, MA. He was responsible for managing Analog Devices’ presence in India, including defining and executing strategies to expand business in the domestic market, growing ADI’s engineering design centre capabilities and strengthening relationships with strategic and key customers, industry bodies, ecosystem partners and universities. He served as the senior executive of the company in India, with operational, statutory, and compliance accountabilities and was ADI’s principal spokesperson in India. His key successes at Analog Devices include, doubling of the Indian engineering team size and building new teams, reducing the attrition rate to 5-6% from midteens, creating a deep dive of the vertical segments that Analog Devices plays in and creating an India strategic business plan to reach 2.5X revenue in 5 years. He oversaw the execution of sales and business development with average revenue growth of mid teens in the last 3 years, built new accounts and increased the pipeline significantly. He was instrumental in educating the Analog Devices top executives on the importance of the design house ecosystem in India to address Analog Devices’ engineering pain-points and convinced global engineering teams to accelerate the outsourcing of several engineering activities to Indian design house partners. Today more than 200+ engineers from Indian design houses (over and beyond employees) are working for different Analog Devices teams globally which is a 5x growth in last 3 years. He enhanced the brand and reach of Analog Devices in India for both customers and potential recruits, increased the outreach activities to Indian universities several fold, created a IoT Fellowship for universities and startups, cultivated relationship with top industry leaders and industry bodies, leveraged media effectively and initiated a series of webinars, seminars and tech days, while himself being active in social media and industry events. Som is an avid networker, an advisor/mentor and investor in a few start-ups, and part of angel community networks. He was involved actively in the startup ecosystem as part of Horizon3 Analog Devices team (responsible for investing, partnering, and building relationship with startup ecosystem) representative in India. Som built up relations with the incubator/accelerator community, identified and engaged potential startups in domains that Analog Device’ would invest or partner in. Few pertinent Indian startups are already engaged with Analog Devices at different levels in form of projects, partnerships, licensing and potential investments. Past roles and career progression Som started his career after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur at Cadence Design Systems, India. He moved to US and completed his MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University (NCSU). Subsequently, he joined Cadence Design Systems in San Jose, CA, first in the design services group and then in product engineering. As a senior manager of Product Engineering, he led a team working with the top semiconductor companies to solicit requirements and was part of a company-wide task force responsible for crucial customer engagements. He left Cadence to pursue his MBA at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. During his 2 years at Wharton, he worked with several early stage VC firms like PAEarly State, Innovation Philadelphia, SCP Partners and Artiman Ventures in running due–diligence on companies in systems, communication and Web 2.0 space. He was stationed in India for several months to help start up the India operations of a Palo Alto based VC fund, Artiman Ventures. After his MBA, Som was the first employee and Director of Product Management of an Energy Management and Smart Grid start-up, American Grid. It was probably one of the earliest Internet of Things (IoT) start-up, integrating hardware, software, cloud, mobile and analytics, offered as a service to both end users and utility companies. Som was responsible for defining the product and services offering, building the software and hardware with outsourced design services firms in India and running pilot projects with energy utility companies in USA. Post American Grid, Som joined NETGEAR Inc. (a branded consumer electronics and networking company with over $1.2B in revenue) as a Product Line Manager starting off with managing the P&L of Wireless-N (802.11n) networking gear. In his 6 years stint at NETGEAR, Som was the Global Director of Product Marketing and Management, managing the consumer wireless, powerline and multimedia product portfolio which accounted for almost 45% of NETGEAR’s $1.2B revenue. During his tenure, NETGEAR became the top consumer networking brand (grew from 12% market share to 35% in US), beating Cisco's consumer division, growing the portfolio by 15-20% every year. Som ran the entire consumer networking and multi-media portfolio, made NETGEAR the top wireless brand in US and Europe, competing aggressively in both price and high-end differentiated products/features. Som got trained as a classical Product Manager at NETGEAR, personally accountable for the Global P&L of his product line, managed a core team of product line and product marketing managers and an extended cross-functional team of regional sales, operations, finance, corporate marketing and engineering to drive revenue growth, increase gross margins and gain market share. Som led the strategic direction of the product line and product portfolio strategy, presented to the company executive team, board and analyst meetings, was responsible for media relations and day to day execution of the product strategy. At NETGEAR, he was given the “visionary award” for starting new businesses from scratch and working with several Silicon Valley start-ups to bring their technologies to market. He led several successful initiatives within NETGEAR to move from hardware only ODM-style business to a more value added differentiation with software features and services in cloud offerings, appstore and end user data collection and analytics. He was instrumental in starting a community website for opensource enthusiasts for networking which now boasts of 300,000 unique visits a month. Summary Som has spent the last 20+ years across different market verticals and technology domains across early state start-ups, mid-size high growth companies, large MNC organizations and in the shoes of an investor. He has worked across value chains, with retail, distribution, system OEMs, system integrators, utilities and Telecom ISPs on the business side. He has worked with core technology vendors, start-ups, value added software providers, ODMs and design houses on the R&D side. He is a thought leader in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) activities in India and was part of a global Analog Devices sprint team for defining the IoT strategy and ecosystem partnerships. Som has a high level of energy to get things done and is result-oriented with progressively important roles and increasing responsibilities in each organization he has been in. He is well versed in business and different technology domains, media relations, social networking, brand management and is a strategic thinker and executioner. While his last 4.5 years has been organization building, more towards creating a vision and strategy to move, grow and influence a large organization and developing and forging design house and start-up ecosystems, his previous roles were razor sharp focused on innovation, driving P&L and business outcome. Contact: Somshubhro (Som) Pal Choudhury Contact:

Delhi, India