Rao Tatavarti

Prof. Dr. Rao Tatavarti M.S. (IIT Madras), PhD (Dalhousie University, Canada), DRDS, FAPAS Senior Professor and Director (R&D) Prof. Dr. Rao Tatavarti, a distinguished and eminent scientist, with many research achievements and contributions to his credit, is Founder cum Executive Director of CASTLE Advanced Technologies & Systems (CATS), and Adviser to Board of Directors, Mech Well Industries, Nasik, India. He has been involved with the CATS Group – Firms dealing with Photonic and Smart Technologies, and with the Design & Development of Cutting-Edge Systems/Technologies with Aerospace / Oceanic Applications in Defence/Civilian Sectors. He has held many distinguished charges at India’s premiere research institutions such as the Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), DRDO, Kochi, the Centre for Oceanics and Optronics , and has made significant contributions to the fields of ocean science, engineering and technology through development of new algorithms, novel monitoring techniques and innovative design and development of highly sensitive optoelectronic systems for studying the dynamics of stratified fluids as well as for use in naval surveillance activities. He headed and completed research and consultancy projects with a total financial outlay of more than Rs.500 million in India and North America related to Engineering Industry, Ocean Industry, Power, Oil and Natural Gas, Ports and Harbors, Defence and Telecom. His areas of specialization include Aerospace and Ocean Engineering and Technology, Signal Processing, Fluid Dynamics, Photonics, Image Processing, Satellite Image Processing, Biomedical Engineering and Bio-Technology. He has 22+ years of teaching experience at Dalhousie University, Canada; Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi; VIT University, Vellore, GVP College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam; Central University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. He was also responsible for the Design and Development of novel techniques and technologies to monitor ocean dynamics and was responsible for utilization of the state-of-art satellite technology for surveillance activities - by developing satellite image processing algorithms which can comprehensively extract spatial feature information from any of the available satellite sensors covering regions of interest. He has 180 - 161 Peer Reviewed Research and Classified Publications 2 Monographs 1 Book Chapter 7 Patents 9 Systems He has developed the following Systems and Technologies for Commercialization: Real Time Monitoring of Air Quality, Air Data Products from Fighter Aircrafts, Environment, Eaves Dropping, and Wind Profile. System for Maritime Surveillance, System for Vibration and Condition Monitoring, Fully Instrumented Wind Tunnel Facility. Awards Most Active Researcher Awards, GVPCE (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011), VIT University (2010, 2009), DRDO Laboratory Award (2007), DRDO Silicon Medal (2006), DRDO Advances in Naval Technology Award (1997). Fellowships Fellow, AP Akademi of Sciences, India; Berkner Fellow, American Geophysical Union, USA; Dalhousie Senior Fellow, Canada; International Center for Ocean Development (ICOD) Fellow, Canada; Dalhousie Fellow, Canada; Hayes' International Scholar Canada; Institute Fellowship, IIT Madras; CSIR Fellowship. Membership of Professional Bodies Life Member of Scientific and Engineering Professional Bodies in India, Asia and North America; and the Founder of OSI; CASTLE and CATS He is Visiting Professor at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA and the College of Engineering, University of Georgia, USA. H is on the Editorial Board of the ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing. He has steered R&D activities and was responsible for increasing the R&D productivity at VIT University. He graduated from IIT (M) and went on to gather many academic accolades since.

Delhi, India