R. Shivaraman, PhD (Nanotechnology)

Dr. R. Shivaraman, PhD (Nanotechnology – Magnetic Data Storage Devices) is one of the youngest PhD’s in Nanotech in the country. Shiva co-founded Big Bang Boom Solutions, an indigenous defence solution provider and tech integrator. Big Bang Boom’s flagship product is its work on developing robotization and unmanned operations capabilities for the T-series Tanks (T-72 & T-90), India’s Main Battle Tank. Big BangBoom also works on a BN based Hybrid Chobham Armor for individual use, use of drones for Riot Control, Blockchain for Defense Supply Chain Management, etc. Big Bang Boom in association with LOADs Korea won the DAPA Korea Defence Startup Challenge 2018 with a ground breaking solution to deploy Korean government’s proprietary defence tech to create an unmanned AI based autonomous pollution monitoring platform. Having completed his Masters in Nanotechnology following his Bachelors (Computer Science), Shiva derives his expertise in a broad range of topics from the time spent in top research facilities such as University of Western Australia, Carnegie Mellon University, SRM University and Bhabha Atomic Research Center. After his academic career in which he published over 50 research papers and 2 patents, Shiva started his entrepreneurial journey with Accendere, a Research Incubation startup and spearheaded the Management Consultancy, Research Incubation and New Product Development verticals of Accendere. Accendere successfully established itself as the world’s first research capability augmentation company and counts amongst its client’s prestigious names such as the IITs and IIMs in addition to several other marquee private institutions across the world. Accendere went on the pioneer the WAIN platform to connect the academic research with its users / adapters from the industry creating a platform for funding, co-development and primary research acquisition. The WAIN platform has over 72k researchers and the students from RI’s around the country have managed to publish over 5000 high impact Research Papers and file several patents for indigenous developed technology. The “edtech” startup was incorporated with a capital of $2,000 (broke even in 2 months and 3 days -63 days from date of incorporation) and the founders successful exited at a valuation of $4million after taking the merged conglomerate CL Educate Limited through a successful IPO (BSE & NSE) in March 2017. Shiva now serves as an investor and advisor for several startups such as Empower Labs, Flique Sports, Hoo Food Innovations and Portmanteau Food Solutions. As a researcher and a passionate educationist, Shiva is adept at solution engineering, and nurturing research potential across the country.

Delhi, India