• Graduation and post graduation in Physics from University of Delhi (1974) • Joined BARC Training School in 1974 • Joined BARC in 1975 • Started career in then nascent area of Laser Science, Technology and Applications • Ph.D (Physics) in Laser Spectroscopy Applications area from University of Mumbai (1985) • Guest Scientist in University of Mainz, Germany (1988-1990) • Pioneering contributions to development of Ultra-trace analysis of fission products and actinides and generation of radioactive ion beams • Applied Laser Spectroscopy for several applications of strategic interest, developing several techniques and instrumentation in the process. • Participant Pioneered development of techniques for Laser Isotope separation in the country. • Responsible for steering and organizing National Laser Symposium (DAE) for several years. • Director of School on Laser Spectroscopy and Applications in Science & Technology (2008) sponsored by Department of Science & Technology • Member Program Advisory Committee (Department of Science & Technology) on ‘Lasers, Optics and Atomic& Molecular Physics’ of Department of Science & Technology, Delhi (2005-2012). • Professor of Physics/Engineering in Homi Bhabha National Institute of Education. • Ph.D Guide in Physics for University of Mumbai, guiding several students. • Life members of several professional bodies covering Lasers, Physics, Mass Spectrometery. • Superannuated as Outstanding Scientist from BARC in September 2012. • Distinguished invited speaker in several national and international institutes/universities and examiners of several Ph.D thesis. • Initiated several collaborative ventures with universities/institutes for sake of applications of National interest • Few dozen international publications, more than hundred in national and international conferences, several book chapters, several departmental (BARC) reports (unpublished) . Current Interests : Environment monitoring and control, Quality Monitoring & Control using latest techniques, Laser applications for industrial processes, Advanced Manufacturing and applications of 3D printing techniques (metals and non-metals) Promotion of collaboration between universities, industries and other research labs and fresh startups

Delhi, India