Amjad Ali Khan

Amjad Ali Khan is the founding Director of the International Summer School, New Delhi—an independent, six-week undergraduate program which runs in partnership with some of the most reputed universities from across the world, under the banner of the Government’s Incredible India campaign and with regular support from the Ministry of External Affairs. Concurrently, he works as the consulting head of the Esya Centre, a newly established think tank which focuses on policies pertaining to cybersecurity, online content regulation & new technologies apart from his engagement with various other entities in an advisory capacity or as a consultant on specific projects. His association with CogitoHub, an education technology company, is also something he engages with regularly. Till recently, Khan had served as the Chief Executive of the Centre for Escalation of Peace—an organization that is engaged with Track 1.5 & public diplomacy initiatives. Khan has also been associated with The Royal Academy in Paro, Bhutan as a member of the leadership team which consulted on the establishment of research & professional development systems as well as on institutional partnerships. In both organizations, he reported directly to the respective Boards which comprised of several individuals who have held high office. His professional journey began at the Planning Commission where he was among the youngest Consultants to be under the direct employ of the Government of India. Khan was part of the Secretariat for Infrastructure which was tasked with responsibility of creating an enabling regulatory environment for Public Private Partnerships in the infrastructure and social sectors. Over the past ten years, Amjad Ali Khan’s professional interests and engagements have given him the opportunity to contribute towards intellectual discourse and the framing of policies pertaining to education, development & international relations. Moreover, he has significant experience in institution-building and administration, having conceptualized, established and/or managed multiple organizations, programs & platforms in the aforementioned fields. In doing so, his work has revolved around structuring strategic partnerships, fundraising and business development. Over time, he has built-up strong relationships with educational institutions, think tanks, governmental agencies and private sector organizations, both within India and overseas. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Development from the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London and a Bachelor’s degree from Warwick Business School. Additionally, Khan is the Founding Trustee of the Alumni Association of Vasant Valley School, maintaining close ties with the graduates of his alma mater.

Delhi, India